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video filming services • format conversions • video transfers

Video Tape to DVD Transfers – VHS, SVHS, 8mm and Hi8 video tapes are digitize for editing using Sony Vegas software.  Once the final editing is complete the project is burned to a DVD using Sony DVD Architect. Mini DV digital tapes can also be edited and transferred to DVD.

Old Movie Film to DVD - Silent 8mm, Super 8mm or 16mm film is digitized for editing and then burned to a DVD. Titles and background music can be added to enhance the memories associated with the films.

Photos and Slides to DVD –Photos and slides are scanned into the computer and any retouching, color correcting or cropping, if needed, is done using Adobe Photoshop.  As with the film transfers, titles and background music can be added. Using Sony software, a slide show is complied for easy viewing on a DVD.

Foreign Conversions – Because of the television format differences between the United States and Europe, video tapes recorded overseas in either PAL or SECAM will not play in the US unless the VCR is compatible with European formats. Likewise tapes recorded in NTSC (US format) will not play in European formats. I can convert tapes recorded in either PAL or SECAM to NTSC for viewing in the US or I can convert NTSC tapes for viewing overseas.


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